Re: mrunform30/mrunmenu50 on NCD terminal (X)

From: John Peach <>
Date: 17 Sep 92 08:31:06 GMT
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In article <> (Claude Bourasseau - CICB Rennes writes:
>I wish to use bitmap products (mrunform30 and mrunmenu50) from my X terminal
>NCD. I suppose anything is OK from the Xwindow environment side
>(Xdefaults , Orakit resources, ...).
>When i initialize an application (menu or form) , it seems to run well
>with the mouse but the keyboard mapping is bad.
>I presume that my problem is to locate the suitable resource file (.r file)
>and map for my NCD keyboard; I've tried moraterm.r resource file
>but, unfortunately, the 3 available maps are HP, SUN and DEC. No NCD.
>Any idea ?
>Elements of the configuration, at my site :

------stuff deleted

I have had similar problems....

There are two possibilities here:

either use the moraterm.r resource file and copy one of the existing maps to a new one and edit it to give you the configuration you want or copy another .r to ncd.r and edit that.

You will have to invoke msqlforms, mrunforms etc. with the -c option (msqlforms30 -c moraterm:ncd / msqlforms30 -c ncd:default) The bit before the ':' tells Oracle which resource file to use, the bit after the ':' tells it which definition to use in the resource file.

I also found that using the Motif versions of these products, the keyboard help feature does *NOT* show the new mappings but still shows the defaults (under DEC RISC Ultrix). I reported this to Oracle; unfortunately I don't recall the outcome, as we decided not to persevere with the bitmapped versions of the products.

Hope this helps!

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