SQL*Net using multiple protocols

From: Richard Holowczak <holowczk_at_rwja.umdnj.edu>
Date: 9 Sep 92 16:49:18 GMT
Message-ID: <1569_at_rwja.umdnj.edu>

Hello once again fello Oracle people. I have some juicy questions about SQL*Net for the project I'm working on. Here's the scoop:

We are thinking of setting up a Novell Netware LAN and running Oracle Server for Netware. For PCs on the LAN, we would use the IPX/SPX version of SQL*Net. So far this is nothing earth shattering. We also intend on connecting this LAN up to the university network which is based on TCP/IP. The network people tell me there should be no problems if we would like to access the Oracle database from a remote site by going accross the Internet. For PCs this is not a problem.

We have several users with Sun workstations who would also like to have access to the Oracle database on the Novell server. We also have some people who would like to dial in from home and have access to the database.

What are our options in terms of using SQL*Net to do these tasks?

What would performace be like?

Users would like
to be able to run SQL*Forms, SQL*Plus and SQL*Menus. Is anyone out there using SQL*Net Asynchronus?

Will the new version of SQL*Net (is it 2.0?) be better for this kind of thing?

I have been told about a process called IP tunneling which places the SPX (Novell) packets inside of IP packets for transmission across the internet. Unfortunately, this scheme is very hard to debug and it is not supported by the networking staff at this time. This would not be an option.

Originally we were going to go with a Microvax II running Oracle which would have made this very easy since anyone with Telnet or dial-up access can use the Oracle tools with nothing more than a terminal emulator package. This level of simplicity and performace is what we are looking to duplicate in the LAN setting.

Many thanks,

Rich Holowczak
Rutgers University Received on Wed Sep 09 1992 - 18:49:18 CEST

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