Re: how to compress database and move indexes to different tablespac

From: John Galt <>
Date: 4 Sep 92 11:57:05 GMT
Message-ID: <> writes:

> I am trying to compress my database. While I am at it I am moving stuff
> into various tablespaces to improve performance and layout. My original
> database has only ONE tablespace "system". My new database will have
> "system", "user", "temp", and "index". I can see how to easily move
> a user's tables into the "user" tablespace by only giving him resource
> in that tablespace and altering his user account so "user" is his default
> tablespace.
> However, how to I move the corrisponding indexes? I have tried using the

The way to do this is to use the "indexfile" option of import. It creates the scripts for all tables (rem'd out) and indexes in the export file. Edit the resulting file; it contains a few syntactical errors: remove the quotes around the tablespace specifiers (and change them to "index" while you're at it) and replace the "connect" lines with correct commands (for running in SQL*Plus). Then import, using Indexes=N, then run the indexfile script.

A final note - INDEX is a reserved word, may want to call the tablespace INDEXES. Reply to if you need any followup.


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