Re: Name of trace file currently being written.

From: Kathy Jou <>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1992 00:42:03 GMT
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In article <BtwpHz.59J_at_nntp-sc.Intel.COM> () writes:
>I would like to find out name of trace file currently being written.
>set sql_trace true;
>explain plan .......
>set sql_trace false;
>I currenlty use "ls -lt /oracle/rdbms/log/*trc | head -1" to find this out.
>I need it for automating tkprof.
>Thanks a lot in advance.
>Aniruddha Kortikar (

The UNIX pid of the process running the explain plan will be a part of the trace file name. The naming convention is <ORACLE pid>_<UNIX pid>.trc dumped in the USER_DUMP_DEST directory.

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