Re: backward scrolling

From: Thierry Lach <thierry_at_curlie.UUCP>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 92 21:36:28 EDT
Message-ID: <HZ5HqB1w164w_at_curlie.UUCP> (Lou Kates) writes:

> We were evaluating Oracle recently (based only on the manual). One thing
> we could not find was a way to get the previous record from the Oracle
> Call Interface to C. However, a recent article in PC Magazine (September
> 15 issue) mentions that Oracle does have backward scrolling.
> Could someone confirm whether we just missed it or is the article wrong?
> Lou Kates,

This is probably referring to SQL*FORMS scrolling capabilities where the user (or the programmer) can refer to the previous record, or reqest a scroll up. Received on Thu Sep 03 1992 - 03:36:28 CEST

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