Re: Problem on field of DEFAULT WHERE/ORDER BY on Form 3.0

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Date: 28 Aug 92 08:54:50 GMT
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In article <105_at_timer1.UUCP>, john_at_timer1.UUCP (john) writes:
> Hi, world:
> In our company, we implemented a "Task Manager" with SqlForm30 to
> keep track of our projects. When user run the form, we want him/her
> see only the tasks he/she is allowed to see. So, we put some conditions
> in DEFAULT WHERE/ORDER BY field of form30. Here is the piece from INP
> file:
> ORDERING = <<<
> where requestor in (select access_name from DS_manager.user_access30
> where user_name = lower(USER))
> or request_for in (select dept_code from
> DS_manager.dept_access30 where user_name = lower(USER))
> or assigned = lower(USER)
> ORDER BY Date_completed desc,DATE_REQUIRED, PRIORITY, date_entered
> >>>
> When I added in 4th OR condition in it then generate and execute it, it
> had segment fault and core is dumped (on unix environment) but if I trimmed
> that part, it goes fine. We guessed that the buffer mighted be too small
> to hold the whold conditions.
> Does any one know any limit on the buffer size of DEFAULT WHERE/ORDER BY
> field of block definition screen on Form 3.0. Or, it might be the limit
> of the number of "OR" conditions
> Any info will be apprecaited.
> John Chan (Rightime Econometrics, Inc)

  A few time ago, i had also a problem on a UNIX system. But the core was dumped   because I had different types of datatypes. I had a field (CHAR) with   numbers in it like '19920828' and a procedure with variables:   

  Screen field CHAR


  POST-CHANGE on field

  and the procedure   


  The form runs everytime out of control and a core was dumped. But the form   crashed not only in this field, it crashed anywhere. So I changed the   type of the field to Integer (INT). Since that time it works.      

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