Re: olsqlforms crashes

From: Scott James. <>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 23:55:30 GMT
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In article <> writes:
>Does anybody have any experience with the Open Look version of
>sqlforms? I just installed it, and it seems to be kind of buggy. It
>has already crashed several times when I did an execute after a
>generate. Also, some of the pop-ups come up blank at times.
>I would appreciate comments and work arounds.
>Hugh Fader

We have the same problems. I learned to develop applications with the Motif implementation and was shocked to see the difference of behavior, bugs... Once you learn the odd quirks (pains in the rear!) you can work around them.


Would the person with the "ispell" program please uuencode it and post to this group? I know I could use such a utility and I'm sure other readers could find a use for a public domain speller that works in SQL*Forms.

Thanks in advance!

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