Ora_term, key mapping forms 3.0

From: <semdipilla_at_condor.navsses.navy.mil>
Date: 18 Aug 92 20:56:21 GMT
Message-ID: <1992Aug18.155621.292_at_condor.navsses.navy.mil>


   we need help creating a vt100 map file throught ora-term. We currently have an application that runs on a vt320 digital terminal. WE need to make this file work on a vt100. WE want our user to be able to hit f5 and to commit(f12 on vt320). WE need to also give the user a few other options such as delete and update. we only have f1-f10 function keys on vt100 's

we know we need to

  1. go into ora_term
  2. get file for vt100
  3. modify it for our function key mappings
  4. save our changes
  5. then run our form with the modified vt100 file

Problem, we don't know how to get into the vt100 file to make f5 do a commit,etc.

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