Naming database files - are there rules?

From: Chris Little <>
Date: 13 Aug 92 16:42:48 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I am about to create a database instance on a VMS system and don't want to use the conventional filenames for files such as the system tablespace file (ORA_SYSTEM.DMS), or the redo log files. This is because we have multiple database instances and want to precede the names of their files with unique identifiers so that they can ne recognised easily. For example I'd like to name the file that contains the system tablespace of the production database P_SYSTEM.DBS, and the redo log files P_RLOG_1.RDO and P_RLOG_2.RDO. I know this will work because I tried it, but will this deviation from the conventional naming scheme cause us any problems down the line?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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