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Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1992 18:39:32 GMT
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Subject: Re: PL/SQL problem

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In article <> (Paul J Snelling) writes:
>This is probably a stupid question but Ive been trying all kinds of ways
>to get information OUT of a PL/SQL block without writing it to a table.
>I'm hoping that someone out there has tried the same thing and can tell me
>(A) how to do it, or (B) it cant be done....
  Oracle PL/SQL does not allow you to display variables in a PL/SQL block.

>My latest attempt under sqlplus goes something like...
>SQL> define MYVAR=500
>SQL> declare
>2 i number ;
>3 begin
>4 for i in 1..10 loop
>5 MYVAR := &MYVAR + i ;
>6 end loop ;
>7 end ;
>A pathetic attempt, but you can see what Im trying to acheive (I hope).
>Any ideas?
 You can use PRO *C and include this block and display the values of variables.

>Paul Snelling, BoxField Systems Ltd

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