Re: SQR bought by Sybase; Future direction of SQR?

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Date: 12 Aug 92 18:53:07 GMT
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>> >>Now that Sybase owns SQR (Structured Query Report Writer) originally develo
>> >>by SQ Software, the question is what kind of support is Sybase going to
>> >>provide for the SQR Oracle interface?  Oracle v. 7 support?  Timeframe?
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> I would like to pass on my experience with SQR and the Oracle V7 Developers
> Release. After going through the trauma of installing V7, SQR linked withi
> no troubles whatsoever. The only problem I have encountered with it thus
> far is when running the EXPORT.SQR program, since the datatypes it looks
> for are hardcoded. This is any easy fix for anybody. I'd like to point
> out that SQL*TextRetrieval 2.0 Beta has not yet linked correctly to V7
> at my site. And having suffered through two years of a beast called
> SQL*ReportWriter...but I digress. SQR works just dandy with V7.
> Cheers.
> Kevin.
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It is good news indeed to here of your success with SQR and V7. I too have suffered with SQL*Reportwriter and SQR was the medicine the cured the illness.

I've installed V7 on VMS but haven't yet tried to link in SQR ... now I guess I will.

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