Re: SQR bought by Sybase; Future direction of SQR?

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Date: 12 Aug 92 12:09:07 PDT
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>>Now that Sybase owns SQR (Structured Query Report Writer) originally developed
>>by SQ Software, the question is what kind of support is Sybase going to
>>provide for the SQR Oracle interface?  Oracle v. 7 support?  Timeframe?
>>I got the indication from the SQR Product Manager within Sybase that
>>they don't even have Oracle's v. 7 developer's version of the database
>>in house yet for upgrading their SQR product.  Does anyone know?
>>We've got a substantial amount of work being done in SQR right now and need
>>to know future directions of the product.  

> It is my understanding that Sybase has stopped selling SQR for non-Sybase
> data sources, including SQR for Oracle. They are apparently not selling it
> even for ORACLE V6 any more. I got this information from a member of our
> Affinity Board (the user group regional presidents who advise Oracle on our
> direction and status) whose company is very reliant on this product. I am
> sorry for customers who invested a lot of development resources and time
> with SQR, but this is a problem frequently with smaller ISV's -- going out
> of business, or being acquired by a larger player with conflicting product
> lines or product directions. I would suggest that people interested in SQR
> and/or the potential of migrating to other reporting tools should gather at
> the Reporting Tools SIG at this year's IOUW. I further hope that users
> participating in this SIG (a non-Oracle-sponsored event run entirely by the
> user community) will bring up these difficult subjects, and report any
> concensus or conclusions in this forum.
> -- Dennis Moore, my own opinions, etcetcetc

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I talked to M.J. Kahn the product manager for SQR at SQL solutions. She said that greater than 50% of the SQR revenue is from Oracle users, and it would NOT make good sense to throw that away. She also said that SQL Solutions *IS* selling SQR to new Oracle customers. Regarding V7, she does not know when they will have a compatible version. We SQR users will need to keep our eyes and ears open to make sure that Oracle Corp. does not try to thwart SQL Solutions efforts at supporting V7.

SQR is a fine product, and nothing Oracle has can duplicate it's flexibility and productivity.

I'll keep the net posted of any info I obtain.

Darrell Flenniken

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