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From: Keith Majkut <>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 92 01:17:27 GMT
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In article <Jeff_Hayward.10_at_MailQM.PDS.MED.UMICH.EDU> Jeff_Hayward_at_MailQM.PDS.MED.UMICH.EDU (Jeffery J Hayward) writes:
>I'm wondering two things about the files that Report Writer creates in the
>root subdirectory when you print:
> 1). Is there an environment variable I can set in CONFIG.ORA or anywhere
>else in which I can define the path these files will go into.
> 2). Is there a way to stop the creation of these files or provide for their
>automatic deletion.
>Thanks in advance,

Depending on which version of SQL*ReportWriter you are using, try setting SRW_TEMPDIR=<some directory> or TMP=<some directory>. I can find out (but you can figure it out faster), tomorrow at work. SRW can't really delete these files properly because DOS print doesn't give a status of when something is done printing. If you can, use a RAMDISK for one of the above environment vars, then they'll get deleted on shutdown. Otherwise you have to delete them yourself from time to time.

If you, or anyone else want more details, I have a tech note I can email note I can send you.


Keith Majkut
Received on Mon Aug 10 1992 - 03:17:27 CEST

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