Best server for Oracle database ??

From: Jay G. Williamson <>
Date: 6 Aug 92 22:23:58 GMT
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Sorry if this has been asked before but I could find no sign of it!!

We will be creating another Oracle server in a few months. This oracle database will:

  • Have about a 3Gb database
  • max out around 100 simultaneous users with around 50 on average
  • not be running many X apps
  • have most users accessing via terminals thru a terminal server

They would like to make use of Disk shadowing or maybe RAID in the future but that is not mandatory.

Drawing upon the vast experiences of the Internet, I would like to get opinions (with some supporting reasons) of what the ideal vendor and setup would be for the server. I don't know what the budget will be for this but a shot in the dark would be around $70,000 - $100,000.

Please send any help that you can give to: and

We are system admins not Database admins so I apoligize if I have left out any pertinent info from the description above. I can get more info if needed.

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