Re: Uncommited Transaction For a very Long time duration.

From: Sandor Nieuwenhuis <>
Date: 5 Aug 92 09:54:26 GMT
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>What will oracle do in following scenario
>Assume Oracle is running in noarchivelog mode. And there are two log files.
>Monday : 9:00 AM user A enters a small update on one relatively unused table
> He does not commit transaction and goes on a vacation.
>Otherusers continue to do processing thereby eventually filling log file 1
>what happens when 1. log file 1 fills
> 2. log file 2 fills.
>Specifically 1. is the transaction lost ?
> 2. Does oracle halt waiting for someone to commit the transaction?

  1. Any UNCOMMITTED transaction will be lost when you have to recover the database. You only have to recover however when you get a crash or something. So the answer is : NO, you will not loose the transaction, unless you recover for some reason. When the user enters the office after one month and decides to commit anyway (and no recovery was done in the mean time), this is possible.

Rollback information is stored in the Rollback Segments within the database, and not specifically in the LOG files, allthough changes in the database (including rollback) are written to the log files.

2. No Oracle will not halt for someone to commit the transaction.

>Thanks in advance.
>Aniruddha Kortikar (

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