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From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 22:34:30 +0200
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Thomas Olszewicki schreef:

> On Oct 8, 3:02 am, "JSz" <> wrote:

>> Hello!
>> I would like connect to database which is located in USA from private home.
>> I don`t have Oracle licence.
>> Is there any possiblity to use Oracle client and use some application to
>> connect to American Oracle database?
>> I`ve heard that I should use Oracle client and SQL Plus which are freeware?
>> Can you verify my suggestion?
>> I would like to write a package in PL/SQL language. I don`t want to use
>> Oracle Forms & Reports.
>> Can you paste the link to Oracle client, because I cannot find it:(
>> I would like to use it on Windows XP system.
>> Thank you in advance
>> netman
> You can download Oracle Instant client from here:
> I would suggest reading some basic docs,
> starting with:
> Thomas
> PS.Powodzenia.

If you want to use a package, you'll need a database yourself to store and run the package, unless you can store your packages on the American server. If you want to use 'client only' packages, you're tied to using Forms. I don't know any other tool to use client side Pl/sql. Oracle XE (Express Edition) is a free database. It has some limits though. It comes with SQLPlus as well, and you can download it on after you registered there (which is free as well)

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