Re: Forms V4.5 and FFI question

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 15:29:06 +0200
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Malcolm Dew-Jones schreef:
> wrote:
> : All,
> : We have a C program that performs some file operations. I have the
> : source code and can change it and compile it into a dll. The problem
> : is that Forms doesn't seem to find it and keeps picking up the old
> : one. I put the dll in the same directory as the fmx files but no joy.
> : Is there a way I can tell where Forms looks for it and even how I can
> : specifically force it to use and load a specific file?
> : Where does ora_ffi.find_library and ora_ffi.load_library look?
> Where is the old .dll? Presumably you owould put the new one in the same
> directory as the old one (i.e. replace it).
> In general on Windows, dll's are found in the PATH, same as an .exe.
> I have no idea if the oracle interface does anything to override that.
> $0.10

You can use the full path in find_libary, just to be sure the right DLL is used:

example_lh := ora_ffi.find_library('c:\windows\system\example.dll');

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