Forms V4.5 and FFI question

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Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 12:28:52 -0700 (PDT)
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[Quoted] [Quoted] We have a C program that performs some file operations. I have the [Quoted] source code and can change it and compile it into a dll. The problem is that Forms doesn't seem to find it and keeps picking up the old one. I put the dll in the same directory as the fmx files but no joy. Is there a way I can tell where Forms looks for it and even how I can specifically force it to use and load a specific file?

[Quoted] Where does ora_ffi.find_library and ora_ffi.load_library look?

This is the code (dll name changed)


  • Try and find the DLL already loaded


            lh_ffie2sb := ora_ffi.find_library('dll_name.dll');



  • Ok not found lets load it
  • The null argument for the LOAD library is the DLL location so if
  • the DLL was not in
  • the working DIR or not in the PATH somewhere we might want to
  • put something in here.


            lh_ffie2sb := ora_ffi.load_library(NULL,'dllname.dll');

Thanks in advance.

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