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From: Tim <>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 07:49:55 -0500
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Robert Klemme wrote:
> On 02.03.2009 05:42, Michael Austin wrote:

>> Tim wrote:
[Quoted] >>> Robert Klemme wrote:
>>>> On 01.03.2009 23:38, Tim wrote:
>>>>> Michael Austin wrote:
>>>>>> Tim wrote:
>>>>>>> Michael Austin wrote:
>>>>>>>> Tim wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Why do I get different types of interfaces when I install 
>>>>>>>>> different versions of Oracle?
>>>>>>>>> I just installed a version of 10g, personal edition and the 
>>>>>>>>> interface for SQL-plus is just a windows command prompt.
>>>>>>>>> Other times, with different versions, there were actual 
>>>>>>>>> applications that had buttons for executing statements or 
>>>>>>>>> retrieving statements.
>>>>>>>>> Why is there such a difference in this feature?
>>>>>>>> So, are you looking for something like Oracle SQLDeveloper?  It 
>>>>>>>> is a different product.
>>>>>>>> That is also why they have XE, PE, SE and EE.. they bundle 
>>>>>>>> different stuff together...
>>>>>>> Thanks. But other versions of Oracle had a version of SQL*Plus 
>>>>>>> that was a Windows version with a UI.
>>>>>> sqlplusw != sqlplus
>>>>> Well OK, although I think it was referred to as such. Is there any 
>>>>> way I can get a sqlplusw.exe for my version of Oracle 10g?
>>>> I'd rather not want to.  The Windows application is flawed.  The 
>>>> command line version is much better, for example, it has command 
>>>> history.  Just forget this Windows thing.  I am hearing, Oracle 
>>>> removed it in 11g anyway.
>>>> Just my 0.02EUR
>>>>     robert
>>> Well thanks for your advice but, since no one else has convinced me 
>>> to prefer command line tools, I think I will continue to use the UI 
>>> based one. It is much better.

> Just to make it clear: my comment referred to sqlplusw.exe, i.e. the SQL
> Plus version with a Windows window. It is still a command line utility
> (although you can access some of the features via buttons).
>> real DBAs don't GUI.... :)
>> but if you must, download Oracle's SQLDeveloper (also works with DB2 
>> and  SQL Server) - I also have used DBVizualizer (free download)

> ... but be aware that SQL Developer has issues of its own. I recently
> hit a bug when it flagged a warning about a type issue in a trigger -
> which was utter nonsense. Also, with SQL Developer you still need to do
> the typing (although I'd concede that the auto completion usually
> works). The best thing that can be probably said about it is that you
> easily get an overview of all your database objects.
> Cheers
> robert

[Quoted] Exactly. If I want to look at the various tables and how they are defined, I would rather click a few times than repeatedly type out some command, regardless of how simple it is. Received on Mon Mar 02 2009 - 13:49:55 CET

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