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From: Robert Klemme <>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 09:17:45 +0100
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[Quoted] On 02.03.2009 05:42, Michael Austin wrote:

> Tim wrote:
>> Robert Klemme wrote:
>>> On 01.03.2009 23:38, Tim wrote:
>>>> Michael Austin wrote:
>>>>> Tim wrote:
>>>>>> Michael Austin wrote:
>>>>>>> Tim wrote:

>>>>>>>> Why do I get different types of interfaces when I install
>>>>>>>> different versions of Oracle?
>>>>>>>> I just installed a version of 10g, personal edition and the
>>>>>>>> interface for SQL-plus is just a windows command prompt.
>>>>>>>> Other times, with different versions, there were actual
>>>>>>>> applications that had buttons for executing statements or
>>>>>>>> retrieving statements.

[Quoted] >>>>>>>> Why is there such a difference in this feature?
>>>>>>> So, are you looking for something like Oracle SQLDeveloper?  It 
>>>>>>> is a different product.
>>>>>>> That is also why they have XE, PE, SE and EE.. they bundle 
>>>>>>> different stuff together...
>>>>>> Thanks. But other versions of Oracle had a version of SQL*Plus 
>>>>>> that was a Windows version with a UI.
>>>>> sqlplusw != sqlplus
>>>> Well OK, although I think it was referred to as such. Is there any 
>>>> way I can get a sqlplusw.exe for my version of Oracle 10g?
>>> I'd rather not want to.  The Windows application is flawed.  The 
>>> command line version is much better, for example, it has command 
>>> history.  Just forget this Windows thing.  I am hearing, Oracle 
>>> removed it in 11g anyway.
>>> Just my 0.02EUR
>>>     robert
>> Well thanks for your advice but, since no one else has convinced me to 
>> prefer command line tools, I think I will continue to use the UI based 
>> one. It is much better.

[Quoted] Just to make it clear: my comment referred to sqlplusw.exe, i.e. the SQL Plus version with a Windows window. It is still a command line utility (although you can access some of the features via buttons).

> real DBAs don't GUI.... :)
> but if you must, download Oracle's SQLDeveloper (also works with DB2 and 
>  SQL Server) - I also have used DBVizualizer (free download)

[Quoted] ... but be aware that SQL Developer has issues of its own. I recently hit a bug when it flagged a warning about a type issue in a trigger - which was utter nonsense. Also, with SQL Developer you still need to do the typing (although I'd concede that the auto completion usually works). The best thing that can be probably said about it is that you easily get an overview of all your database objects.


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