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MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 7 April,. 2000

22,544. + 837 = 23,381

Last weekend I delivered another 837. faxes to politicians and the media on the. subject of the security service conspiracy which has destroyed my life. This brings the total in the last. three years to at least 23,381. These totals do not. include partially delivered faxes.

Some of the recipients of these faxes must know that what I say. is true; and I hope to motivate those. people to acknowledge the reality of the harassment which has. followed me for ten years. It takes much time to transmit these articles, but as. OCG MD Simpson-Wells said to me in 1992, you have to be a good. communicator if you are to succeeed.

Harassment. in February 2000

Following a quiet period of almost five months, the persecution. resumed with a vengeance in late January/February 2000. At this time I. was at home in Clapham, London and. was a relatively easy target for the persecutors. They have my house bugged, for. audio and I believe video in some rooms as well; so they can find out easily where I. will be going on a particular day, and place people in that location to. mouth words of abuse at me. (I know the last. sentence sounds like classic paranoia, but it happens. to be true, and some of the people reading this know it to be true.)

On Friday. 11 February 2000 I went shopping in Croydon, to buy a watch at H. Samuels jewellers in the Whitgift Centre. While I. was there two youths came into the shop, one of them quietly uttered an obscenity. at me, and they immediately walked. out. They showed no interest in the shop.

That Sunday I met with a friend in. Clapham, who started needling me about "do you know anything about the CIA and. FBI?". Rather unsubtle, and worrying considering Ive known this guy. for 20 years. From the words and demeanour of this "friend" and others. in February, I saw that the persecutors have again been trying to separate from me what remains of. my social. life.

Incidents in my Road in. February

MI5. very rarely place people in my home road to harass me, but such was their persecutory fervour in February that they did so on three. separate occasions.. On the first such occasion, I was met my two youths who, grinning, said a deeply offensive sexual obscenity at me -. at which I coughed at them, so they called me. a "wanker". This incident is safely recorded on minidisc-walkman, but because of. the offensive nature of their abuse. the recording will not be made public.

Another incident. very early in the morning of Sunday 20/Feb/2000 occurred outside. my home, following an evening in Croydon with some schoolfriends. Again there were two youths - for some reason. the persecutors. always travel in twos or threes, very rarely is there just one of them -. perhaps they need a group to bolster their courage, perhaps just one. of them wouldnt have the guts to say something unpleasant. One of the youths said. quietly, and bitterly, "shitty, very shitty".

Anyway, in March there were no further incidents near my house. in in my road, and our neighbours are. very well disposed towards us, so let us hope that the current. quiet continues.


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