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MI5 Persecution Update: Friday. 9 July, 1999

Harassment in Poland,. July 1999

And still it continues..... in my last fax I said that provided MI5 made no attempts at harassment during. my two-week holiday this summer, or after I returned to England, then I would discontinue. these faxes. Unfortunately MI5 have continued. to harass me, both during the holiday and after my return to London. I really dont want to. continue these articles, since they take up so much. time and effort, not to mention expense; but the Security Service wont even let me have a. holiday in peace and quiet, so I have to make further efforts to bring their activities out into. the open.

In early July I visited my aunt and her family in Poland.. On Saturday 3 July 1999, I went to a family barbecue at. an allotment outside the city. One of my aunts family has previously shown himself to. be in the
"enemy" camp, by saying the. Polish equivalent of "something wrong with
him", and various other unprovoked insults. It is. disappointing that one of my family could forsake the usual ties of. blood and take part in the actions against me, but thats the way it is. This guy turned up at. the barbecue, and started. making insults against me. In particular, he started to say something about the video camera. which I had brought along on the trip, and. the relevance of the video-camera to my fight against the persecution. It. seemed pretty obvious to me that my enemies had told him to turn up to this occasion, and most likely schooled him. in precisely what words to say; since hes an unintelligent person and. would not be able to think for himself what insults. to make against me.

Harassment in. London, week ending Friday 9 July 1999

Got back to London Wednesay afternoon. Two incidents on. the Underground returning from the airport. Unfortunately I wasnt recording because. I wasnt expecting. trouble, so these slipped through the net. One of these was verbal. sexual abuse, of the type Ive heard many, many times before these last three-and-a-half. years.

Yesterday, Thursday 8/July/1999, I switched on. Heart FM which had never
"got at" me before..... and the presenter started making jokes about "mad,
crazy" etc. Again, wasnt recording this because Id never had any. trouble from this radio station and. wasnt expecting any.

Also yesterday, on a bus (155?) from Balham to Clapham,. a couple of girls started harassing me with taunts of "crazy".. By now I was expecting trouble and recorded an audio file of this instance of abuse, at web. URL;

The cynical reader might think my demeanour. or behaviour had given rise to the taunts of "crazy". recorded above. But I assure you my behaviour on the bus would not have made anyone think I was ill; and the taunts. the previous day. were the same sexual words as previously; so I'm quite sure that these incidents. are either deliberately staged, or indicative of an overall high level of awareness among the London. public, particularly in the part of. London where I live.

Keith Hill MP (Labour - Streatham), my elected. representative, as ever refuses. to help.

MI5. Persecution: Harassment through the Radio

One of the aspects of. the MI5 persecution has been harassment through the broadcast and print media; and one of the aspects of. harassment through the broadcast media is being "got at". by radio presenters. This being "got at" from the radio takes various forms, the most obvious. form being through overt or hidden. words and insults. But there are other, subtler forms. In Canada a couple of years ago,. I used to listen to the local radio stations every morning driving to work,. and listened to the music only, switching between radio station presets rapidly as. soon as a presenters voice. came on, so that I would not be subjected to any verbal harassment by. the D.J.s. But they found a way around this; they kept on playing the same. song, every bl**dy morning at the same time, which had the words "all coming back to me"; the. perceptive reader will remember that the words. "coming back" have special meaning (see the Private Eye cover. at web URL; for the
hidden. meaning).

And thats not the. only time theyve allowed the songs themselves to be used as abuse against. me; many years ago Radio-1 in the UK did exactly the same, and. the DJ even made it explicitly clear by saying, "dont you sometimes feel as if the songs were made just. for you".

"We should be done for attempted manslaughter". says Chris Tarrant

Capital Radio DJs have been. "in on it" from the start. One of the first things I heard in the summer of 1990 was from a Capital. DJ who said, "If he listens to. Capital then he can't be all bad" (supportive, you see. We're. not bastards). Much of what came over the radio in 1990 is now so far away the precise details have been obliterated. by time. No diary was kept of the details, and. although archives if they exist may give pointers, the ambiguity of what broadcasters said would leave that open. to re-interpretation.

In spring 1994, Chris Tarrant on his Capital. morning show made an aside to someone. else in the studio, about a person he didn't identify. He said,
"You know this bloke? He says we're trying. to kill him. We should be done
for. attempted manslaughter".

That mirrored something I. had said a day or two before. What Tarrant said was understood by the staff member in. the studio he was saying it to; they said, "Oh no, don't say that". to Tarrant. If any archives exist of the morning. show (probably unlikely) then it could be found there; what he said was so out. of context that he would be very hard put to find an explanation. A couple of days. later, someone at the site where I was working repeated the remark although in a different way; they. said there had been people in a computer room when automatic fire extinguishers. went off and those people were "thinking. of suing for attempted manslaughter".

Pirate. Radio "gets at" me

In another incident in. 1990/91, Id been listening to a pirate radio station in South London. for half an hour, when there was an audible phone call in the background, then total silence for a few moments, followed. by shrieks. of laughter. "So what are we supposed to say now? Deadly torture? Hes going to talk to us now, isnt. he?" which meant that they could hear what I would. say in my room. Note the word "deadly" - they give away their. purpose.

It constantly surprised me that. MI5 are so easily able to subvert broadcasters, and, in this case of the pirate station, to. do so, so quickly. I think the answer. to this question is that they must have very wide contacts in the. broadcast media; presumably some or in fact many of those contacts are literally "bought". In the same way. as they tried to buy Jon Snow of Channel Four news, they must have. bought many broadcasters and use them both directly to make insults against me, and. promulgate their points. of view; but also, they must use these "bought" broadcasters to influence other television and. radio presenters, who might not even be aware that it was on MI5s. behalf that they were being influenced to "get at". me.

BBC-Radio-1 D.J.s celebrate my job termination in November. 1991

This is another one from. the "early years". At the beginning of November 1991 my employment in Woking, Surrey was terminated.. Chris Tarrant of Capital-FM had already made nasty remarks about both. my work for the company, and the managers of. the company themselves - "so theyre not really. a serious company, well theyd have to be to employ you wouldnt they".

So when I was terminated, as you can expect, BBC. Radio 1 D.J.s celebrated. On. the Saturday afternoon (either 9/Nov/1991 or 16/Nov/1991 - I cannot remember precisely) I briefly. listened to Radio-1 and heard the disc jockeys loudly. proclaiming "youre useless, you should be sacked". On the same day, I went down to the Kwik-Fit in Tooting. to get my cars tyres replaced, and in. the office ran into a couple of their staff, one of them with an Australian accent, who said. "what do you think about it then? Its getting. killed on the radio."

Plainly, if. a random car-repair shop in Tooting knew about the persecution, then many thousands of other people across the. capital and all over the country. must have known. And the phrase "getting killed" shows very clear awareness. of what the MI5 Persecutors intentions towards me were in 1991, and. judging by the continuing harassment, still remain. today.

Recent Feedback from. Virgin-Radio

As readers. will know, from mid-March 1999 for some four months, every weekend, I. have bombarded Westminster MPs with faxes about the terrible, all-encompassing MI5 Persecution. (Jesting aside, it really. is terrible and all-encompassing, in the UK anyway.) In June. 1999, after I'd been at it some three months, I started getting "covert" feedback. from Virgin Radio.

The first feedback I got was from Danny Baker, on Sunday. 13th June. That weekend I was sending an article which. contained biting criticism of the police inaction in this case. Danny Baker on. his Virgin radio show started an. angry rant that "he knows it's rubbish", ie. he was rubbishing what I'd said. in that weekend's faxed article. Unfortunately I wasn't recording this. programme.

The. next possible Virgin-Radio feedback was a week later on 19th June 1999. This is. contained in the audio file above, in which Johnny Boy on his "Wheels of Steel". programme says;

"and if you would like to put. a triple play together, ahhh.... because
quite frankly Hipster and me are running out. of ideas...."

He goes on to counter Hipster's "how. dare you" with a protestation that he is "only joking". You can listen to this incident on my website at. URL;

What I reckon is that my article faxed to MPs that weekend. was forwarded by one of the. recipients to Virgin Radio. My article had included the words;

"I am beginning to run. out of both new topics and energy to write these

So what I reckon is that Johnny Boy. read the article.... and rephrased the above line "run out of .... new topics" to "running out of ideas". I recognise that this is a pretty tenuous inference to. make.... but do listen to the audio file, from the "ahhh...." pause. in JB's speech you can guess he. is about to say something "risky" and at someone's expense. Anyway, I listen to the Wheels of Steel regularly. and will continue to do so,. recording it as I always do - so any future funny remarks will get immortalised on my website!. (There was a previous incident from August 1998 which is preserved at. web URL;

but I am sufficiently uncertain about it that I have not included it. in this. article.)

First. Ever Radio Reference - Alan Freeman of BBC-Radio-1

The first time I was ever referred to on the radio was sometime in. May or June of 1990,. by Alan Freeman of BBC-Radio-1. Note that this isnt an
"interactive listening" episode, its different, this was Freeman. reading
out a letter from. one of my "real life" enemies.

Id acrimoniously broken up with some former friends in. January of 1990, and I think they were. still trying to cause me trouble in June of that year. Freeman on his rock show read out. a letter from an "Andrew Turner"; one of my acquaintances from. January 1990 had been called Andy Turner, so I think its the same guy. Freeman quoted. Turner as saying various things about me, in particular Freeman said "thats a hell. of a letter you wrote there Andy", "with a schizophrenic. you're never alone", and. something about the "one who wore out his welcome with random precision" (from the words of the. Pink Floyd song).

When I was. looking for primary causes of the MI5 persecution, this letter which Freeman had read out on his programme struck me as being. potentially one of the sources of. the persecution. I know Turner and various others in that group. were very bitter at what they saw as their failure and my undeserved. success, and they were quite determined to upset the applecart. Of course several other primary causes are. possible; I do not know why MI5 chose me as opposed to someone else, and MI5 are. hardly likely to. tell me.

"Absolute Obscene" David Hepworth. of GLR

This one Ive assigned a 100%. rating on the website. There are actually two separate incidents, which are linked through the. D.J.s choice of words. The first incident can be heard in computer audio. at web URL;

On 21/Feb/1997, I was listening to BBC GLR, by stealth.. Back in 1990 I used to have Capital blaring. out of the speakers all over the garden ("if he listens to Capital then. he can't be all bad", thanks ever so much). But now I. listen on my walkman on headphones with the volume turned right down. It could not possibly be overheard. by any listening device, no matter how sensitive, because sound does not carry from the. phones.

Yet somehow they. are still able to tell which station I am listening to on the walkman. And last night, I bravely tuned to GLR. 94.9FM at around 8.45pm. Everything went well for the first. half hour or so. Around 9.10pm, Hepworth said the following after the song "Come Around" by. the Muttonbirds.

"coming. up after this, we got the rock-and-roll A-level, we have, I
assume, Brian do we have an embarrassment. of prizes in there, we do, don't we, absolute obscene amounts of prizes, there will no doubt be a. riot at the back door, and that's, er,. A-level coming up after this"

The key phrases in what. he said are, "EMBARRASSMENT of prizes", and what he himself emphasized verbally, "ABSOLUTE OBSCENE. amount of prizes". It is my. belief (based on content and tone of voice) that when he spoke these phrases he knew I was listening, and. that the phrases refer directly to my situation. The "EMBARRASSMENT". is the embarrassment he and other media people would feel at having their wrongdoing exposed;. the "ABSOLUTE OBSCENE" (which he. verbally emphasized) described the disgusting sexual abuse which the harassers. have been throwing at me.

There was a second incident, on 9/May/1997, which may be. found on the web (with computer. audio) at URL;

This incident again contains the. words "absolute embarrassment of prizes", with the same emphasis. as the first instance, and laughter following the phrase. So theyre aware. of the complaint I made on Usenet after the first incident; and they are so arrogant. that they do exactly the same again. They are so arrogant, they know they are being recorded. and that what they say. will be published on the web, but they dont care. What corrupt media, and what a. corrupt country to have such corruption in its media.


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