Re: Oracle 10g Graphics question

From: Agnes <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 11:07:41 -0800 (PST)
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> Large quantities of alcohol often help. <g>

Yep, that I know. I have them waiting at home for me :-)

> I wouldn't advise you to go to the client and ask them to buy Crystal.
> But I do think you can go to them and inform them that Graphics is an
> obsolete tool unsupported by Oracle during the current millennium and
> incompatible with supported versions of the database.
> Question, in a polite manner of course, the wisdom of investing money
> into developing something that is unsupported, obsolete, and has no
> future.
> Never make a technology argument when a financial argument will suffice.

I don't think ANY type of argument coming from a temporary worker in a third or fourth level branch of a multinational company will make ANY impression on anyone, especially not the ones in charge of deciding which software may be used and which one not. Graphics has just been completely incorporated in Reports instead of being a separate tool, so the 'unsupported' argument won't really work, not here..... I see dark times ahead.

Guess the users will have to live with a partial graph, then. Or else I'll have to work out a way of having the picture create as jpeg and the added to the Report, all during RunTime.

Where's that whisky?!?

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