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From: Agnes <>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 10:42:34 -0800 (PST)
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[Quoted] Well, as much as I feel like agreeing with you guys any day (and I've used Reports since the days it was just Report Writer, talk of a dumb tool!), it won't help me solve my problem. I can't go to the client and tell them to switch to Crystal Reports, they won't listen, so I have to live with Repots+Graphics. Reports is fine, but Graphics....... is giving me a headache <sigh>

Any idea where I could go looking for a solution? The graphics wizard is sure no help at all! And no web-search has yielded results... I'm getting desperate here.


On Nov 22, 4:17 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:

> Tony_Miller wrote:
> > Daniel,
> > Oracle reports is not what I would call a great product.
> I didn't either.
> > However, the powers that be are looking at Hyperion....
> > Thank you,
> > Tony Miller
> I would look at Hyperion too. Also Siebel Analytics.
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