MI5 Persecution: Balham Bus 8/7/99 (11365)

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Date: 17 Nov 2007 10:37:15 GMT
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Balham - LT bus (8/July/1999)

Certainty level: 90%

I am very sure about this one. I got back from holidays on Wednesday. There were two incidents, both on the tube, on the way back from the airport. There was a further incident the following day, Thursday, on the bus (the 155 I think) in Balham, where two girls started spouting abuse about "crazy", etc. Naturally I had my minidisc with me and was able to record their words.

The cynical reader might think my demeanour or behaviour had given rise to the taunts of "crazy" recorded above. But I assure you my behaviour on the bus would not have made anyone think I was ill; and the taunts the previous day were the same sexual words as previously; so I'm quite sure that these incidents are either deliberately staged, or indicative of an overall high level of awareness among the London public, particularly in the part of London where I live.


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