Re: Web.Show_Document to display data in Excel

From: shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 21:21:22 +0100
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> We are using WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT to display the data from a journal
> table in an excel spreadsheet format. Everything shows up good except
> some of the columns in the first row of data only, is right justified
> instead of left justified like in all the other rows. My select
> statement is formatting a date field, which is followed by 2 varchar
> fields, then 3 number fields. It is the 3 number fields that are
> right justified in the first row only. There is other data after
> these 3 number fields and they all are left justified even though some
> are number fields and some are varchar fields. If anyone has ever
> experienced anything like this, and has a constructive suggestion on
> how to correct it, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. This
> is being displayed using an IE7 browser and my Oracle environment is:
> Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)
> Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
> With the Partitioning option
> JServer Release - Production
> Oracle Toolkit Version (Production)
> PL/SQL Version (Production)
> Oracle Procedure Builder V10. - Production

Try putting an emtpy row on top, or a row with column titles..... a silly workaround, but it may work.

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