Re: suggestions for good graphical DB query builder

From: pamela fluente <>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 16:30:20 -0000
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On 2 Ott, 17:23, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> pamela fluente wrote:
> > As to myself, my personal preference, is to have a wide horizon
> > instead of knowing it all about 1 thing only. But that's just me, of
> > course.
> And the fact that it financially benefits you is, of course, of no
> consequence. Sorry but I'm not buying what your selling. Not the
> product ... the feigned innocence.
> --
> Daniel A. Morgan
> University of Washington
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> Puget Sound Oracle Users

You used 5 messages to respond to one.

But since, as we can read at you have "spoken to audiences on behalf of both Oracle and Apple, at Oracle Open World..."
you perhaps feel that you own this group.

"He has consulted at AT&T Wireless (now Cingular),, The Boeing Company, Continental DataGraphics, the City of Seattle, National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Onyx Software, T-Mobile, United States Navy, US West Communications, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Washington Mutual Bank, and Weyerhaeuser."

But yes, you are selling no products. Right.

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