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From: pamela fluente <>
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 04:03:05 -0700
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On 30 Set, 21:09, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> pamela fluente wrote:
> > On 18 Set, 21:37, wrote:
> >> We're doing a product comparison for graphical query builders. Would
> >> appreciate
> >> your input on what you like (or don't).
> >> We're an Oracle shop, but we need connectivity w/ any ODBC compliant
> >> DB.
> >> Also need query result export options (esp Excel), pivot capability,
> >> printable results,
> >> Windows compliant.
> >> We don't need write capability, and if the tool has it, we need
> >> to be able to turn it off. DB Admin tools not needed.
> >> I've heard great things about AQT (Advanced Query Tool)... comments?
> >> Thanks,
> >> Carol
> > Since you asked, let me point you to a nice and effective query
> > builder.
> > It's mainly intended for Reporting / Charts / Dashboard needs. It's a
> > very powerful tool.
> >
> >
> > Cheers,
> > -Pam
> Please address the question put to the other query building tools.
> Can it do more than Oracle version 8.0 syntax?
> If not it is a waste of time and money.

[Quoted] Dear Daniel ,

[Quoted] The point is that it can do whatever Oracle can do just because it's letting Oracle do it! :-)

You may be missing the point of these Reporting Tools, which are used by million of people.

They are not aimed to clone Oracle. That would be clearly a waste of time.

In the case of DataTime Reporting Solution, it's objective is produce reports from *any*
DBMS, including Oracle. To extract the data you can write any Oracle statement, but
then the tool allows you to programmatically transform the data, in infinite way which would
just just be impossible for Oracle.

You can aggregate data in way that Oracle will not allow you. You will have a visual environnment
to work with reports, define alerts based on custom code, define grid functions, insert images
linked to the data, create Dashboards, create PDF and interactive Web Reports, schedule the whole think,
and a thousand of more features.
You can create data layout (vertical, cross, mixed), sections, totals which are not even thinkable with Oracle.

Respectfully, you cannot reduce all the word to Oracle alone. Oracle is more than fine. No doubt about that.
Be are not fighting Oracle: we are *serving* it and its Users, taking into account even the smallest piece of advice.

There is no need to be so defensive. No one is attacking Oracle. We are doing good business thanks to Oracle!

Thanks Oracle to exist !

But, please, be open minded and open your horizon. Allow others to exist.


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