Complicated query

From: Nick <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 10:27:05 -0700
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I have two tables Trade table and Cons table. Records are inserted in both the tables independent of each other. There are fields like Exc_Ref, Qty, Date in both the tables.

I need to write a query which should give me records :

  1. Where there is missing Exc_Ref value in either of the table. i.e. If Trade table has a Exc_Ref value but missing in Cons table then that record should be displayed. Similarly if Cons has a Exc_Ref value which is not found in Trade table then that too should be displayed.
  2. In case where both the tables have matching Exc_Ref data then it should display the record only when the remaining column does not match like Qty or Date.

Please help me to resolve this complicated query.

Nick Received on Thu Sep 06 2007 - 19:27:05 CEST

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