MI5 Persecution: BBC-TV See You, See Me - 7/Dec/2001 (5131)

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BBC-TV "See You, See Me" - 7/Dec/2001

Certainty level: 80%

On Friday 7 December 2001, BBC Schools aired a TV programme from their "See You, See Me" series. The series was based in Scotland, with Grant Stott and Wilma Kennedy trying to find some stolen jewels. Its web home is www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/education/seeyouseeme/

The programme appeared to make some "subtext" references to my situation. Kennedy refers to "it's not fair", which is a key phrase; its existence started with OCTS MD Hugh S.-W. who humorously referred to my treatment with the same phrase.
The subtle statement is that it is fair, because we're doing it, and we're always right, even when we're wrong.

The phrase "useless idiot" from the police chief is a clear insult directed at me, and needs no explanation.

But it is the third item in this clip which is most telling. Stott says the words, "humiliating in front of the whole public, it would crucify us" if the investigation were called off. That's the phrase that assures this clip of an 80% probability rating. MI5 are trying to humiliate me "in front of the whole public", and their strategy is a mixture of ambiguous covert, such as this very programme, and clear overt.


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