MI5 Persecution: Nicholas Witchell - 10/April/1999 (1462)

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Nicholas Witchell - 10/April/1999

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This clip is of Nicholas Witchell reading the BBC2 evening news at 7pm on Saturday 10 April 1999. You have to understand that the psychopaths of the Security Service consider their abuse of me to be "so funny"; and central to their persecution of me is their inducement of their "bought journalists" like the BBC's Nicholas Witchell to laugh at me on television.

So in this clip we see Witchell smirking and grinning while he reads the news. Only part of the news broadcast is shown in the clip; preceding it, Witchell's upper lip quivers in mirth for several minutes, until his entire mouth twists into the uncontrollable smile shown in this clip, through the excuse of a weak non-joke about sports fixtures.


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