MI5 Persecution: Channel Four TV News - 12/Feb/1999 (5131)

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Channel Four TV News - 12/Feb/1999

Certainty level: 100%

I am positively, utterly, completely sure this item is about me. It's a bit subtle so the objective reader might not understand my certainty. Here is what happened. I was watching Channel Four News with Jon Snow, on the day Clinton "got off" (as it were) in the Monica-gate scandal. Snow said;

"[and we're anticipating that the President himself will make his] first comments after the trial in which he has now been cleared at around halfpast  seven. So we'll have more on the historic judgment, we'll also be considering [starts smiling] the winners and losers in this whole sorry saga. Now further doubts have been...."

When Snow said "half-past seven", I looked at the clock on the mantelpiece above the TV. Snow saw my glance, and in reaction to my glance at the clock, smiled. I think he was smiling at what he perceived as my self-importance.

Usually when newscasters or radio presenters laugh at me, there is an excuse for their laughter; usually they manage to find some reason for my being "funny"; their amusement is blamed on me; it is my "fault" they are laughing. And so it was with this instance; Jon Snow thought it was funny that I should be so interested in seeing Clinton, and his half-smile while reading the words "winners and losers" expresses that.

I wrote to Snow at ITN shortly after this broadcast to ask him about his behaviour; of course, he didn't reply.


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