MI5 Persecution: Ken Clarke (2), April 1997 (2685)

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Ken Clarke (2), April 1997

Certainty level: 30%

The second of two video segments from the same programme, this shows Ken Clarke during the election campaign. He makes the following statement;

"we have a party, and we have a Cabinet which has produced a manifesto consistent with our policy of the last five years; people are challenging us on the basis there's been some monstrous conspiracy between all the politicians to guide us we know not where, we know where we're going, we wish to be a leading influence in the European Union"

It should be fairly obvious what I read into in the above sentences. The "monstrous conspiracy between all the politicians" could of course apply to the public perception of closer European integration, but I took it as referring to the conspiracy of politicians and media people against me. Again, facial expression comes into it; as Clarke speaks of the "monstrous conspiracy" his eyebrows twitch and it is clear that something or somebody is being made fun of.


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