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Subject: Dear Mike Corley
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:AND a second posting which appeared in uk.legal on 5th July 1996 (isn't Mr :Corley popular ?)  

> Dear Mike,

> I've just spoken to a man who knows and he has told me you
> have never ever been a target.

> My man knows because he once wrote a report on you after
> you made complaints.

Come off it "Big Ears", if you're going to pretend someone else is giving me advice then at least get one of your fellow coppers to write it so that it isn't obviously written in the same style as your posts.  

Also both your post and the one you're pretending isn't yours were posted from pipex via news.dircon.co.uk, viz:  

YOURS;   From: BigEars_at_technocom.com (Big Ears.) Message-ID: <31ddacfe.7445797_at_news.dircon.co.uk> NNTP-Posting-Host: gw5-072.pool.dircon.co.uk  

"NOT YOURS";   From: box6565_at_embankment.com (Old_500) Message-ID: <31dd3788.8481134_at_news.dircon.co.uk> NNTP-Posting-Host: gw1-073.pool.dircon.co.uk    

:NCIS leaks and most policemen regard it as unaccountable and occasionally :insecure. M Howard promises to make NCIS publicly accountable.  

You know a lot about what policemen think, don't you?


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