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From: richard_at_musicians-net.co.uk (Richard Fairhurst) Newsgroups: uk.misc,uk.media,uk.legal,uk.politics.misc Subject: A Mike Corley newsgroup?
Date: Thu Jun 6 05:02:17 1996  

In article <2520_at_osiris.win-uk.net>, burridge_at_osiris.win-uk.net (Paul Burridge) wrote:  

> In article <833844951snz_at_eloka.demon.co.uk>, Owen Lewis
(oml_at_eloka.demon.co.uk) writes [re: Mike Corley]:
> >To be honest, having made the mistake of reading his magnum opus twice
> >(like many forms of discomfort, one is prone to repeat the experience to
> >confirm that it really is a bad as one thought), I read nothing he writes
> >but am tempted by some of the sub-threads that develop.
> I made the grave error of showing one of his masterpieces to my
> mother, together with some of the (less than respectful) responses
> to it. Regrettably, she is now addicted to the Corley saga, is
> very much an admirer of him (viewing him as a pugilistic underdog
> deserving of great admiration) and I have to waste reams of paper
> printing all this bilge out every other day, for her delecation.

Given that Mr Corley clearly holds a certain fascination for some people, and that his website, although "informative", isn't exactly ideal for encouraging discussion of the sort that we all enjoy so much (including Mike himself, by the look of things), would anyone be up for a Mike Corley newsgroup - uk.fan.mike-corley, alt.fan.mike-corley, whatever? (Sorry, I'm not very well up on these things.)  

This would be a perfect place for Mike to post his writings, and perhaps the occasional "look at the ...mike-corley newsgroup" posting in uk.misc and so on would be accepted in place of the current cross-posts.  

Richard Fairhurst (assistant editor, Keyboard Review)
"I am the vine: and you are the branches"


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