Re: Reports Background engine failures

From: Preston <dontwantany_at_nowhere.invalid>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 07:09:33 GMT
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DA Morgan wrote:

> wrote:
> > > You know absolutely nothing about our customers, nor what's
> > > important to them.
> Highly unlikely.
> No survey of database customers I've ever seen has demonstrated a
> desire to be orphaned technologically by a company more interested
> in short-term profits than developing a long-term viable solution
> that supports compliance. No survey published has ever demonstrated
> an interest by customers in having an unsupported product.

They have a product supported by *us*, the people who supply it to them.

Try applying your logic to something other than software. If you buy a new car, say a Toyota, & then discover two years later that the HenSing Corporation in Japan who make the diode packs for the alternator stop manufacturing them, would you immediately sell that car & buy a new one because part of your car is no longer supported by one of the component manufacturers?

Of course you wouldn't. Your contract is with the supplying dealer, & Toyota provide the warranty. In the highly unlikely event that the alternator diode pack fails, the dealer in conjunction with Toyota would replace it with an alternative.

The only difference with software is some people's attitude to it - it's just another product. It doesn't suddenly stop working because the supplier stops supporting it, & as I said before, if it turns out that Reports 6i doesn't work with a future database release, we will obviously plan that into the schedule when the time comes.

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