Oracle 9i Database Administration in 10 Minutes

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Date: 29 Apr 2007 05:13:26 -0700
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The Topics Covered In This Book Are: Understanding the Oracle Environment; Understanding the Oracle Instance; Understanding the working of Oracle Instance; Understanding the Oracle Database; Oracle 9i Software Installation; Oracle 9i Database Design using DBCA; Enabling other computers to access Oracle Server; Oracle Enterprise Manger; Oracle Backup & Recovery -Simple Technique; Oracle Performance
Tuning. Everything in this book is covered in a step by step manner by
first building reader's concept using analogies, real world examples and then taking him/her to the steps of design implementation. The book covers Oracle 9i Database Server. The concepts and most of the stuff discussed in this book are equally good for other Oracle versions including 10g. For advance user please check Oracle Database Administration Concepts & Implementation Made Simple, ISBN: 0977073904.

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