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Rants. Difficulty to learn ETL tools?

From: <>
Date: 15 Apr 2007 10:47:35 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Dear Experts,

I've worked with Oracle since 1995. I have gone very deep into many of the Oracle features, including sqlloader, and export/import. And I've done data modelling even longer.

At the same time, I have done ETL since 1995. Although, at the Proc, and PLSQL, sqlloader, level. Map the data. Take data from the source, do any modifications/transformations that are required, and insert or update. Easy. The hard part is determining the mappings.

But I have not been given the opportunity to work much with ETL tools such as:
Informatica, DataStage, Ascential, Ab Initio

The little bit of experience that I do have, showed that Informatica was -incredibly- easy to use. It's a GUI. It's SUPPOSED to be simple!!!

I have missed out on a number of opportunities because I didn't have a few YEARS of experience with ETL tools. Which seems odd, because the tool looks like it requires a max of a week to learn!

Just how difficult are these ETL tools to learn? Especially if you have already been working with Oracle, and doing data mappings and loads since 1995? I'm thinking that it can't be difficult at all.

When you search for newsgroups, there are no newsgroups for these tools. Although the companies who make them, might have their own newsgroup.

There are also not many books on these tools. If you search for books on Oracle, or SQL Server, you will find a lot of very big, and detailed books. But there is next to nothing specifically on the various ETL tools.

Any certifications for any of these tools look to be much simpler than Oracle's.

To me, the real issue is the mappings. If you come into a new environment, the data mappings are completely esoteric to those systems. No amount of experience with an ETL tool, or any tool, is going to tell you what the mappings should be.

- Just how difficult are these ETL tools to learn
for an experience Oracle pro like myself?

Thanks a lot! Received on Sun Apr 15 2007 - 12:47:35 CDT

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