Oracle Installer window size on Solaris 10_x86

From: john doe <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 21:11:17 -0500
Message-ID: <>

This is interesting.

After a 7 year absence from the Sun Sysadmin/Oracle DBA world, I decided to refamiliarize myself with the new stuff at home. I pulled down Solaris 10_x86 and Oracle 10g (, and am in the process of trying to get Oracle installed via the OUI.

The installer is running fine, up until the "Product-Specific Prerequisite Check" window (third window or so, right after oraInventory).

At that point, I can't see any of the products as the scroll window is collapsed. I can't enlarge either the scroll window or the main window. And, when using Solaris' window info, it appears that the window size is set to 640x480 (screen res 1024x768 under CDE).

So, the question is: does anyone know how to modify the OUI window size to see the product list in the Prereq check? Or, do I need a different version of the installer?


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