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Re: About pll and olb

From: <>
Date: 6 Apr 2007 10:56:13 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Since you mentioned pll and olb in your subject line, I take it that you are working with Forms 6i or later version.

Yes, you can create all those Form objects and many more including triggers, group objects etc. in an Forms Object library. A good source that I learned from was Forms6i book by Albert Lulushi.

I do not know if he has published any 10g Form books or not.

Briefly the way I have done it in the past is you create the Object Library and Library tabs. Lookup Help for these. Name your Library tabs ALERTS, BLOCKS, BUTTONS, CANVASES, FORM_LOGO_TITLE, FRAMES, GROUP_ OBJECTS, LIST_OF_VALUES, PROPERTY_CLASSES, RECORD_GROUPS, TRIGGERS, VISUAL_ATTRIBUTES and WINDOWS. You can create more tabs if you wish, but I do use these in my day to day work.

The GROUP_OBJECT is where you would combine many of these components into 1 group which is common to all your forms.

Then you create a base form in which you have all the reusable form components including the GROUP_OBJECT and drag and drop each component on to the appropriate Object library tab and save ithe library as an *.olb file.

When you create a new form, either drag and drop the GROUP_OBJECT to have all the components in the form at once or idividually drop each component as necessary.

Similarly, you create a PL/SQL library by dragging and dropping the commonly used procedures, functions, packages etc. from a base form into the program Unit node of the Library.

Then you attach the PL/SQL Library to your form.

The one big difference between the 2 libraries, is if you change something in your object library you need to re-compile the forms, where as if you change somehting in the PL/SQL library you do not need to re-compile forms.

It works great !!!

Hope that is helpful.

Regards Received on Fri Apr 06 2007 - 12:56:13 CDT

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