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From: SQLJ <>
Date: 28 Jan 2007 08:43:34 -0800
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[Quoted] Thank you everybody for your suggestions.

Line1, line2, line3, ... are actually sequential numbers 1, 2, 3 and so on.

I don't think it will make much of a difference if I use utl_file package instead of SQL*Loader to read lines as I still need to parse every line and have to run a separate INSERT for every number. When the file is large (30000 to 50000 lines), the entire processing takes a while, and CPU intensive. I hoped that SQL*Loader can somehow do it more efficiently so I can avoid line parsing in PL/SQL and running lots of INSERTs. If there is no other way. I guess I need to look ways to optimize inserts, maybe drop indexes on the target table and recreate them after the load or use nologging options.


On Jan 26, 12:16 pm, "Jimmu" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Why not use a simple pl/sqlscript to read in, parse, and insert the
> values instead of trying to shoehorn it intosql*Loader?
> Jim
> On Jan 25, 11:04 pm, "SQLJ" <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have a text file which is like
> >Line1Number1 Number2 Number3
> >Line2Number4
> > Line3 Number5, Number6
> > There could be any number of lines in the file and each line can have
> > variable number of numbers. Numbers are single space separated. The
> > maximum possible number of numbers in a single line is probably less
> > then 100 but this is not known for sure
> > Is there a way to useSql*Loaderto load each number as a separate
> > value into a table havinhg structure like CREATE TABLE mytab (id int,
> > some_number number)?
> > The method I am using right now is loading the file lines into a
> > staging table and then looping through all records and parsing them.
> > With large data files this methods appears to be very slow and the
> > parsing is CPU intensive. Are there any alternatives?
> > Thanks,
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