Re: Oracle Announces Upgrade to Oracle(r) SQL Developer

From: Preston <dontwantany_at_nowhere.invalid>
Date: 18 Jan 2007 09:00:42 GMT
Message-ID: <>

joel garry wrote:

> Barry Bulsara wrote:
> > tony_becky_mikey_verizon_news wrote:
> > > Barry,
> > > He (Daniel) has offered more for this group than all your
> > > blathering.. SO either accept that he does NOT like people
> > > posting garbage here, or move on..
> > >
> > > Your choice, I believe..
> > >
> > >
> >
> > Sounds like double standards to me. Either you spam or you don't
> > spam, not that some people are allowed to spam and others not.
> > Barry
> If you recall the original Monty Python bit, the issue was Vikings
> singing SPAM SPAM SPAM so loud the waitress couldn't give the menu
> options. Daniel here is the waitress, not the Vikings. No double
> standard there, when Daniel gives references to his PSOUG library,
> it's just a pointer to a FAQ. And there is nothing wrong with a
> brief .sig file, even if it is blatantly commercial. There is
> nothing wrong with pointing out actual spam.

Yes there is - a couple of things at least. Firstly, many ISPs & usenet feeds filter out spam at source so their users never have to see it. Unfortunately they don't filter out *replies* to spam, so all Daniel's replies achieve is to ensure many more people get to see the original post.

Secondly, telling spammers to apologise & post elsewhere is one of the most futile & pointless things you can do. The vast majority don't read replies to their posts/emails, & even if they did, they wouldn't take any notice of someone telling them what to do. So all it does is waste bandwidth & add to the number of pointless messages we have to download.

If Daniel really wants to do something to combat spam, then he should concentrate on getting their websites/usenet/email accounts pulled rather than propogating their crap. E.g. I got fed up with that idiot last year, so I got his website closed down. It was easy to do & took about 5 minutes - far less than the time Daniel's spent replying to his 'omlet' crap over the last few years. Far more frustrating for the spammer too, who has still failed to resurrect his site several months later.

I have asked Daniel in the past to stop replying to spammers & he hasn't taken any notice. I doubt he will this time either, which is a pity as he makes numerous excellent posts so I'm loathed to killfile him. Maybe one last request is worthwhile, so if you're reading this Daniel, please stop replying to them, & either ignore the spam, or do something about it 'off-list'.

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