Trying to compile a ProC in Oracle 10g R1

From: CBro <>
Date: 27 Aug 2006 02:09:32 -0700
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[Quoted] Hi guys,

            I just recently installed Oracle 10g R1 on my Fedora Core 2 server. I have come across the need to run a ProC from askTom that allows me to dump the data in Oracle tables to a CSV file! This is absolutely essential and from the reviews on AskTom I believe this script is currently the fastest way of doing so at the moment.

Now I am not sure as to whether Oracle 10g R1.0.3 comes shipped with the ProC compiler. So I went ahead and downloaded the instantclient 10.1 SDK which I read allows you to run ProC programs. I can get to the stage where I can run the "proc" command with a .pc file argument. Just dont know what to do next. As when I compile the .c file it generates I get a whole bunch of errors!

Is there a manual or a guide that shows you how to get ProC working on Oracle 10g R1 so I can start to compile ProC programs?

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