Re: Replication performance - how to measure it ?

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:09:51 -0700
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> Hello,
> could you please advice on how to measure replication performance
> in Oracle, DB2 & MS SQL Server RDBMS installed in Windows servers ?
> I've got two servers with databases installed and configured,
> I prepared set of data using DBGEN from TPC and I already imported them
> into databases.Also, I configured the replication.
> Now I have to do a test with a few kind of replications method
> implemented in these RDMBS, but I don't know which tool or reports or
> "v$iews" should I use to measure replication performance.
> The replication is configured only between the same RDBMS, I mean
> Oracle <-> Oracle, DB2 <-> DB2 and MSSQL<-> MSSQL.
> Most of applications are great for checking performance of local DB,
> not for replicated/distributed.
> I've found description of CA Unicenter Database Performance Management
> for distributed RDMBS, and I think it could be the right one, but I
> can't find any demo or trial version :(
> Could you please advice any place to download it, or other application,
> script, description, just whatever.
> Perhaps just any other idea how to check the replication mechanism
> efficiency ?
> Regards,
> Mark

Your question, as stated, is impossible to answer with respect to Oracle.

You have not provided a version number and replication might be accomplished in a wide variety of ways depending on your requirements. Among the possibilities:

Advanced Replication (many variations)
Streams (many variations)
Change Data Capture (3 different modes: Synchronous or Asynchronous? Hotlog or Autolog?)
Data Guard (3 different modes: Maximum Protection, Maximum Availability, and Maximum Performance)

You will find that depending on the Oracle option you choose you may well find that neither SQL Server or DB2 has an equivalent technology.

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University of Washington
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