Re: Cascade Update Trigger Problems

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 20:54:41 +0200
Message-ID: <eb878c$6mt$> schreef:
> Does anyone know how to use a trigger to update a table (& all child
> tables) so that an existing pk is updated to another existing pk. For
> instance, merging records so that:
> Key CompanyName
> 1 GE
> 2 General Electric
> 3 general electric
> 4 G.E.
> All become one single record. I would even be satisfied by assigning
> all 4 of these into a 5th record as long as all related records are
> attached. These also have a number of child records associated with
> them as well (orders, employees, etc).
> Thanks

What have you engineered so far?

What bothers me is "an existing pk is updated ..." Primary Keys are not meant to be updated (let the discussions begin!), not in 99.9% of all systems, anyway.

And based on WHAT should the records be merged? GE is not the same as general electric, you know.

Frank van Bortel

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