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From: Steve Rainbird <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 22:09:54 +0100
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> Forms (and Reports) are relatively mature products. What Oracle staff
> have stated at conferences such as ODTUG 2005, is that there will
> likely be no major enhancements to Forms. They will continue to tweak
> the product for better integration into the Java world, bugs fixes,
> performance improvements, etc. But the feature set is considered
> complete in general and won't be enhanced much beyond what we have now.
> It was stated at the ODTUG conference that Forms 10 would be supported
> beyond 2010 and Forms 11 (when it comes out) should be supported until
> 2013.
> Paul Dorsey mentioned that his understanding is there is a relatively
> small group of developers within Oracle still assigned to Forms.
> Compared to the thousands working on JDeveloper, Fusion, etc.
> Would Oracle like all us Forms users to migrate to JDeveloper?
> Certainly. Do they realize there's a huge installed base of Forms
> developers and applications that really don't want to make the move?
> They do; reluctantly.

Thanks for that.

Incidentally I posted this message on the forums at as well. This is a quote from Jan Carlin.

"We have no plans to desupport Forms and Reports. We have a development team working on version 11 of Forms and we have a maintenence team working on the current versions. We just hired a new PM for Forms (me). There is no reason to be worried that Forms and Reports will go away."


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