Re: Reports 6i replacement options.

From: Mark C. Stock <mcstockX_at_Xenquery>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 05:23:35 -0400
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: > : > For new developments: why don't you look at Application Express?
: > : > Current version does graphics and PDF at no extra cost - can use
: > the : > Apache by Oracle as delivered with the database - same
: > licence, no : > extra cost.
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: > : Preston.
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: > there is no real report writing in apex -- and AFAIK there is no
: > support for master/detail paginated report output of any sort
: Ah - I think we can strike that off the list of options then. Thanks.
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: Preston.

Just to clarify, I meant to type 'no real report writer' (not writing)

And to clarify what functionality Apex provides under the categories of 'Report' and 'Pagination':

Apex supports multiple report regions on a web page, each of which is paginated for interactive viewing (link for rows 1-15, rows 16-30, etc). Each report region is a single-SQL tabular presentation (no correlated details or sub-reports). Printing the report page gives you what the browser is currently displaying.

There is an OTN article out there on integrating Apex with FOP to product PDF output (haven't reviewed it), but that still does not address the lack of full-report pagination for traditional report output, as would be done with Oracle Reports.

[Quoted] FOP is, however, a very interesting technology (did someone mention some pl/sql FOP tools earlier in this thread?) which I've toyed around with in the past as an alternative for Oracle Reports, but was not able to go beyond a simple prototype since the CTO mandated a GUI developer's interface rather than a combination of a programming library and data-driven report definition (shoulda pursued the idea and productized it!)

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