Re: Oracle Forms and special query operators

From: Cris Carampa <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:09:49 +0200
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Mark C. Stock wrote:

> yes, AFAIR, you can flag fields in query mode with with not just a & but
> also a letter or ':' and a letter and reference these instead of the column
> names within the pop-up WHERE window
> it's been a while since of done this and i don't have access to a working
> installation, so maybe someone else can be a bit more specific on the
> syntax.


Following your hints it was easy to figure out how it works. Now I hope this is user-friendly enough for my users.

I looked for a forms end-user guide on the Net but I was not able to find anything. Does someone knows if such a beast exists?

Thanks a lot. Kind regards,

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