Re: Does anybody really likes Report?

From: Tuomas Hosia <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 05:51:40 GMT
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"Verner Jensen, Ålborg" <> wrote:

>Even though I've been working with Oracle Reports for 8 years by now - I've
>hated the produt since day 1.
>I can't count the times where I had to start all over again - waisting
>serveral days of work.
>I'm looking forward to the day where Reports finally is retired.....

I've used Reports 1.0 and newer versions are really an improvement. ;)

I've also used Crystal Reports (don't remember the version) and while the output was somewhat easier to control, there was no way to enter plain old SQL anywhere, just a very akward "query builder" and it was doubly annoying as I had those queries in a Toad window, so a simple copy-paste was only needed. (I've heard rumors that this was fixed in later versions, but I don't know.)

I've modified some reports from Oracle Applications and oh boy, they are complicated. Not because the queries or output are complex in themselves, almost the contrary, but because they've tried to do as general reports as they can, so everything is parametrized and the queries are usually of type " select $1 from $2 where $3". ;)

Very neat concept.

On the other hand, I seriously doubt if any other product would be complicated enough to handle this kind of flexibility.

I can't say if all of this complicatedness is necessary, but I have a strong tendency to like tools whose only real limitations are me. ;)


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