Utilities For Viewing/Editing?

From: <Joseph.Koziatek_at_dowjones.com>
Date: 7 Apr 2006 08:11:15 -0700
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[Quoted] Hi All,

[Quoted] I am new to oracle and would like to know if oracle server 9 and 10 come with any utilities to get a table view / form with cursor capablilties. A tool such as Informix's isql and dbaccess gives you a simple menu drivin program in an xterm window. You can generate table forms for querying, iterating over resultsets, and modifying data. Through the menus you can select different database instances to work with, alter tables, view table schemas, view indexes, type in queries, and so on.

These tools are simple text based tools (no fancy GUI), that run in an xterm.

Does oracle 9 and 10 come with anything similar?

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